Catoctin Creek SWC Tasting

Thursday 23rd September, 2021 - 7:00 pm

Hosted by : Scott Harris - General Manager

£20 inc P&P

Scott Harris introduces our three exclusive Catoctin Creek bottlings…

  • Catoctin Creek SWC Exclusive – Madeira Finish – 58.4%
  • Catoctin Creek SWC Exclusive – Zinfandel Finish – 59.5%
  • Catoctin Creek SWC Exclusive – Rum Finish – 60%

Scott graduated with honors from Georgia Tech. He spent the last twenty years building a software career in telecommunication systems and government IT solutions and traded it all in for the chance to own and run his own distillery. Liquors of all types are his greatest love (besides Becky, of course). Whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland and the United States. Brandy from France and Germany. And an eclectic German bitters called Boonekamp. “It’s good for the digestive!” as his old German grandmother used to say.

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