Whistle Pig 12 Year Old – Old World Cask Finish


43% abv
A Blend of Madeira, Sauternes and Port Finished Rye

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This 12 year-old Rye Whiskey is a marriage of whiskeys that have been finished in Madeira, Sauternes, and Port casks. “Old World” is a result of a 4 year long innovation experiment that included creating and examining dozen of unique finishes, blending, and input from over 500 bartenders.

The result is a whiskey that takes the elements that are most quintessential in an American rye – boldness and character – and fuses them with the elegance and grace of an 18 year old scotch

NOSE: Caramel, Vanilla, and Winter Fruit
PALATE: Rye Spice, Apricots, Plums, Raisins, Dates, and Honey
FINISH: Dark Chocolate, Winter Fruit, Caramel, and Vanilla

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