Ardnamurchan – The Midgie


48% abv


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The Midgie. 🪰


Did you know?


1. There are over 35 different species of biting midges in Scotland.

2. Scotland is home to around 180,750 trillion Highland midges.

3. Only the lassies bite.


We are heralding the impending arrival of the most vicious of Highland creatures, the Midgie!


We have collaborated with Smidge, the UK’s leading insect repellent, to bring you this dram. This year’s release is a UK only exclusive, 6200 bottles available.


The Midgie is a unique recipe for us, made up of a heady mix of Madeira and Sauternes barriques, with a Sherry butt and some Bourbon barrels in the vatting for balance and body. We have used peated and unpeated spirit in this whisky.


Like all other releases, this is also blockchain enabled through a QR code on the back label.