Oban Bay Reserve – The Night’s Watch


43%. Game of Thrones release

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The Oban distillery sits beneath the steep cliff that overlooks the bay in the frontier between the West Highlands and the Islands of Scotland just as Castle Black, home of The Night’s Watch, sits between Westeros and the lands beyond The Wall.

The liquid’s richness is balanced with a woody, spicy dryness that The Night’s Watch could enjoy even on the coldest of nights.

Golden amber and slightly viscous as it forms and slowly tears down the side of the glass; this alludes to the mouth-coating richness of the liquid.

The initial sip confirms the richness with a wave of heavy, luxurious notes of Morello cherry pie and candied orange peel that burst open on the palate.

Flavours continue to open up on the palate before drifting into a wonderful crème caramel and a wisp of charred Oak.

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