Massive thanks to everyone who attended the #SouthportWhiskyFestival 2020, information about each event and links to the YouTube videos of all the sessions are listed below for you to relive the festival… see you next year!

2020 will be the year remembered for Covid-19 coronavirus, causing a global pandemic which swept round the world. Locked down in our homes, with all the pubs closed, the Southport Whisky Club decided to get our friends across the whisky-world together for an online whisky festival.

Southport is a beautiful bustling Victorian seaside town, with broad boulevards, a wide seafront and lots of independent shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. When coronavirus recedes and we get back to normal, business will reopen, visitors will come back and the whisky club will meet again at Remedy.

Until then, from the Festival team: John, Max, Chris, Nigel and Tom, enjoy the festival and here’s to many more like it!

Sláinte, Victor Porter

#SouthportWhiskyFestival #StandUpForSouthport


We ran a series of virtual tasting with some of the biggest names in whisky. Showcasing some unique drams and presenting some festival exclusive bottles too!

Glen Scotia
Loch Lomond
Paul John
Compass Box
Douglas Laing
Hunter Laing
Morrison and Mackay
Southport Whisky Cub

Festival Schedule

  • Thursday 23rd July
  • 6pm
    Compass Box
  • 8pm
  • Friday 24th July
  • 2pm
    Paul John
  • 4pm
  • 6pm
    Glen Scotia
  • 8pm
    Loch Lomond
  • Saturday 25th July
  • 1pm
    Hunter Laing
  • 3pm
    Victor & George
  • 6pm
  • 8pm
  • Sunday 26th July
  • 2pm
    Douglas Laing
  • 4pm
    Morrison & Mackay
  • 6pm
  • 8pm

Festival Sessions

Compass Box

Thursday 23rd July : 6pm

Hosted by Gill Boyd

Master whisky maker Jill Boyd is a regular visitor to Southport and her tasting events are always hugely entertaining and educational.

Jill is great, we love her and we love her whisky. Don’t miss this masterclass in whisky making.

  • Hedonism
  • The Spice Tree
  • The Story of the Spaniard
  • The Peat Monster
  • Flaming Heart


Thursday 23rd July : 8pm

Hosted by Scott Adamson

Just south of Inverness, Tomatin describes its whisky as the ‘softer side to the Highlands’. Scott Adamson their Global Brand Ambassador graces Southport again via Zoom to present their whisky.

  • 12yo
  • Cask Strength
  • 14yo
  • 18yo
  • Decades II

Paul John

Friday 24th July : 2pm

Hosted by Shilton Almeida

Hailing from the tropical shores of Goa, along the west coast of India, comes the Paul John single malts, a golden spirit of brilliance, from John Distilleries. Join Shilton Almeida as he samples some of the flagship range and select casks.

  • Nirvana
  • Oloroso select cask
  • Pedro Ximenes select cask
  • Bold


Friday 24th July : 4pm

Hosted by Paul Dempsey

Paul Dempsey from Speyside Distillery takes us through this year’s special releases of SPEY.

  • Spey Trutina
  • Spey Spirit of Speyside Festival 2020 Single Cask (Bourbon casks)
  • Spey 12 year old Tawny Port – this is the new one, and the bigger brother of the 10yo medal winner that was released early last year
  • Spey 12 year old Peated

Glen Scotia

Friday 24th July : 6pm

Hosted by Iain McAlister

Master distiller Iain McAlister shares the drams from the Glen Scotia Virtual Malts Festival dunnage warehouse tasting…

Each year, Iain selects some of his favourite casks from our dunnage warehouse and invites guests to join in him in sampling these unique whiskies not available outside the walls of our original dunnage warehouse.

The theme for 2020 casks is The Casks of Campbeltown: whiskies matured in casks that have historically been used in Campbeltown. We will look at why these casks were used, the influence they have on the whisky and how the availability/use of these has ultimately shaped the modern Campbeltown style.

Each tasting set comes with a single 25ml sample measure of the following casks from the Glen Scotia dunnage warehouse, all bottled in 2020 at cask strength.

  • Glen Scotia Victoriana – Cask Strength
  • Cask no. 810 – First Fill Bourbon – Distilled in 2005
  • Cask no. 486 – Refill Sherry Hogshead – Distilled in 2002
  • Cask no. 2/359 – Bordeaux Red Wine – Distilled in 2009
  • Cask no. 6/413 – Tawny Port Hogshead – Distilled in 2005

Loch Lomond

Friday 24th July : 8pm

Hosted by Michael Henry

Loch Lomond’s Master Blender Michael Henry introduces us to two of their 2020 new releases and some old favourites.

The first new release is the Loch Lomond Peated Single Grain and the second is the Loch Lomond 12 Year Old 2020 The Open Special Release which was distilled in 2007 and 100% of the spirit is from the same batch of casks as the incredible Single Cask #5834. It will be bottled at 46% and natural colour.

  • Loch Lomond Peated Single Grain
  • Loch Lomond 12yo
  • Inchmurrin 12yo
  • The Open 2020 Special Edition – 12yo
  • Inchmoan 12yo

Hunter Laing

Saturday 25th July : 1pm

Hosted by Andrew Laing

Hunter Laing take us on a tour of Islay with samples of their whiskies.

  • Islay Journey
  • Hepburn’s Choice Caol Ila 8yo
  • Scarabus
  • Old Malt Cask Bunnahabhain 27yo 1991

Victor & George

Saturday 25th July : 3pm

Hosted by Victor Porter & George Michie

A blind tasting with a twist. Victor Porter hosts a panel of whisky industry cheerleaders George Michie – Soho Whisky Club, Jill Boyd – Compass Box and Ibon Mendiguren – Loch Lomond tasting ten ‘lucky dip’ samples

The drams will be wide and varied as will six dram tasting packs, no two are the same. Join the fun and challenge your tastebuds.

  1. Douglas Laing Cambus 26yo SWF Bottling
  2. Riverflow
  3. Deanston 15yo Organic
  4. Teerenpeli Portti
  5. Armorik Whisky Breton Single Cask #3298
  6. Box Dálvve
  7. Domaine Des Hautes Glaces Moissons Organic
  8. Herman Marshall Texas Burbon Whiskey
  9. Ayrer's Red Virgin Oak Small Batch
  10. Douglas Laing Rock Oyster Cask Strength


Saturday 25th July : 6pm

Hosted by Gordon Dundas

Glengoyne’s Global Brand Manager, Gordon Dundas shares some exquisite highland drams including their latest limited editions.

  • 10yo
  • Legacy Series, Chapter 1
  • 18yo
  • Teapot Dram batch no. 007


Saturday 25th July : 8pm

Hosted by George Grant

George Grant, who is the 6th generation of the Grant family to own the Glenfarclas Distillery, will be hosting this event.

  • 10yo
  • 15yo
  • 21yo
  • 25yo
  • 105

Douglas Laing

Sunday 26th July : 2pm

Hosted by Fred Laing and Jamie Williamson

Douglas Laing share their expertise with single grain whiskies as Fred Laing presents “Delicious Desserts”

  • Old Particular Port Dundas 13yo
  • Old Particular Port Dundas 15yo
  • Old Particular Loch Lomond 22yo
  • Garnheath 45yo 1974 XOP

Morrison & Mackay

Sunday 26th July : 4pm

Hosted by Niel Hendriksz

Niel Hendriksz takes us through some exciting new releases.

  • Glenburgie 2011 Bourbon Barrel
  • Caol Ila 2012 Sherry Butt
  • Linkwood 2011 Bourbon & Rye Barrel
  • Glentauchers 2010 Sherry Puncheon
  • Tomintoul 1996 bourbon hogshead (Celebration of the Cask)


Sunday 26th July : 6pm

Hosted by Julieann Fernandez and Stephen Woodcock

Julieann Fernandez (Master Blender) and Stephen Woodcock (Master Distiller) from Deanston Distillery are hosting this session.

  • Deanston 10yo Bordeaux red wine cask finish
  • Deanston 2006 Madeira
  • Tobermory 2007 Sherry finish
  • Bunnahabhain Toiteach a Dhà


Sunday 26th July : 8pm

Hosted by Matt McKay

Matt McKay of Bimber takes us through a cracking set of samples, including an upcoming release, an unreleased single cask and our very own Single Cask #127 bottled for the festival.

  • Ex-Bourbon Small Batch
  • Ex-Bourbon #127
  • Peated Finish Small Batch
  • Port Single Cask

The festival exclusives...

The festival in numbers...

The Festival Team

Huge thanks to the team for all their hard work behind the scenes to turn the idea of the Southport Whisky Festival into a reality...

Victor Porter (The Boss)

Southport Whisky Club

Ringleader, the brains behind the festival and the guy who makes thing happen.

Chris Lodge (Distribution & Logistics)

Managing Director Manor Lodge Food

30 years experience in wholesale food distribution. No real favourite distillery but a big fan of old grains.

Max Gilbert (Hosting & Infrastructure)

Software Engineer

Loves developing, exploring and drinking Glen Scotia whisky.

Tom Misson (Front End Development)

Order Pipeline Engineer

Nigel Misson (Back End Development)

Head of Software Development at CloudM

When not creating great software, I love drinking whisky, cooking curry and travelling to India. Ideal job is CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) for PaulJohn in Goa.


John Watkinson (Crayon Crew)

Graphic Designer & Whisky Photographer

Lives to be creative. Huge fan of Glen Scotia and Bunnahabhain